Trigger warning – mental health, suicide

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“Let’s go slow,” Ash whispered when they came up for air. “I want to do every naughty, dirty thing I’ve never done.” The wicked little smile was back. “Somehow, I think you know a few sins you can teach me.”

This is the seventh book of the Guild Hunter series published in 2014.

In the previous books of the series the main stories told are always of prominent characters in the Archangel world, this story is about Janvier and a guild hunter named Ashwini. They have featured previously in the series and it was very clear that Janvier was courting Ashwini; they have the most adorable nicknames for each other (Ashblade, Cher, and Cuddlebunny) it was wonderful to get to know them better.

Janvier is a two hundred and something year old vampire that works with Raphael’s seven and every one refers to him as the Cajun because that is his origin. While Ashwini is a guild hunter with special abilities that run in her family and has caused the untimely death of most of the female members of her family.

Janvier and Ashwini’s stories are so rich, full of real life intrigue and hurt. They have to continue their work as well as find time for themselves, creating that balance is very important. They hunt together for a perpetrator that is killing vulnerable women and discarding their mummified bodies in the aftermath of the schemish in Archangel’s legion. Some of those scenes are so well described that I felt as though I was present especially the raid on Giorgio’s warehouse and the description of Cornelius put me off food temporarily (very vivid).

The idea of someone waiting an eon to love you is just unfathomable but breathtaking at the same time. Some emotions are just so out of this world, I don’t know how to describe them. Having a twin seems like a double edge sword, the idea of being bound and sharing everything with a womb mate like Arvi and Tanu did is wonderful but the flip side is the heart wrenching pain Arvi felt when Tanu started slipping away mentally because he couldn’t survive without his other half.

As expected now in the series there are glimpses of Elena and Raphael as well as Dmitri. The dynamic between Elena and Dmitri is always fun to read and it shows that your lover and best friend don’t have to like each other but they can be cordial to each other because of their shared interest in you. Elena is still navigating her consort role and one of the things she has to deal with is her mother-in-law’s first visit to her home (scary, you’ll be checking and double checking everything manically).

The length of each chapter is perfect for the flow of the story so whenever I had to pause my reading it was mostly at the end of a chapter since I was reading and I attending to other things simultaneously.

Read the book to find out how Caliane’s visit went and if Ash said yes or no to vampirism.

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