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Since I started working with Voracious Readers Only, I have been getting some really good books to read and review. This book is one of them. It is the first book in the Midnight saga series but it is also a standalone novel.


Camila’s world is ballet. The daughter of one of Argentina’s most legendary primas, she fights against her mother’s legacy, striving to be recognized for her own talent at Buenos Aires’s most prestigious ballet company.

Sebastián is a successful architect with insanely hot looks and a dark side: his last name is known as one of the most powerful and dangerous in Argentina. The Palacios control the docks, influential politicians, and an underground network of organized crime.

Camila and Sebastián live in opposite worlds until, one morning, a fallen ballet slipper brings them together. The attraction is instant, intense, overpowering; and Camila’s young heart can’t turn away. Against all odds, they try to overcome the forces pulling them apart, but ultimately Camila has to choose between reaching her dreams as a dancer or following her heart into the dark world of the mafia.

Publisher: Barnes and Noble Press

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 473

Trigger: Human trafficking

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Adult fiction

Set in Argentina. Camila is very naive and young in the way she views the outside world; aside from ballet, she doesn’t pay attention to much. She is very focused and passionate about ballet. She has a crush on a top dancer named Marcos in her dance company but nothing has come of the relationship but friendship because Marcos is focused on dance and only interested in fleeting relationships.

Camila bumps into Sebastian on the road when he saves her from getting into an accident. The chemistry between them is explosive and eclipses her feelings for Marcos but she has no idea who he is and his family notoriety. Everyone around Camila does not approve of the relationship because of the family Sebastian comes from and Sebastian’s family do not approve of Camila because they think she is a distraction for him.

I loved that the story was set in Argentina and I got to see a different country through the author’s eyes. The chemistry and interaction between the characters has such an intense undercurrent that it pulls you in to keep reading and find out what happens next.

The story is so well written and I loved that the male protagonist was not unreasonably possessive as some alpha males are written to be. He had good cause for his possessiveness in the way he reacted to Marcos being around Camila. Camila was naive, so some of her reasoning were annoying to me, especially when it came to Marcus and setting boundaries but she grew as a character which was lovely to see.

I enjoyed the story very much and gave it 4 out of 5 stars because of how well written the plot was. I loved that Camila didn’t have to give up her dreams for love. If you enjoy stories about gangsters that fall in love and want to change for the person they are in love with, then this book is perfect and you will thoroughly enjoy how real the couple feels.

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