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I haven’t read a contemporary romance since last year and I was very pleased when this book came up next on my tbr, especially since it was only 200 pages long. I can’t remember the last time I read anything that short. This is the first of the wags novel.

Trigger warning: high school bullying


Shy, awkward Sophia Cruz has a hard time telling her vivacious identical twin ‘no’. But when her sister begs her to swap places for a modelling shoot, she caves . . . again. Then, Zephirin Black walks onto the set. The brooding, aloof, and gorgeous tight end for the Washington Warriors. But she can keep it professional . . . She has to. Because the adorkable Cruz twin has no luck with guys once they compare her to her sister.

After a bad break up, Zeph hasn’t been big on second chances . . . and even less with trust. But he finds himself giving please – call – me – by – my – middle – name – Sophia both. The woman he’d dismissed as a spoiled cover model is different from the first time he met her. Quirkier. Funnier. Definitely sexier. What started as one night turns into another . . . and another . . . and another . . .

Still, Sophia can’t go on keeping her secret from him. But telling Zeph the truth will mean losing him for good.

Sophia is the nerdy and less confident twin while her sister is the confident and outgoing super model. Sophia loves her twin and they are very close. The fact that they are identical in looks means that her twin can beg her to cover one of her photo shoot so she doesn’t pass up an equally important opportunity out of the country. When Sophia accepts to help her twin, she did not bargain for an encounter with pro football player Zephirin Black.

The attraction is practically dripping off the page with the first encounter of Zeph and Sophia. Zeph has been burned before by his ex who lied to him and the relationship almost took his career from him. So, although he has met Sophia’s model sister, this encounter seems different even when he cannot tell why she seems different. Zeph wants to get between Sophia’s thighs but he doesn’t want a relationship that will compromise his career. So he proposes an agreement for sex only with no strings attached.

When has a sex – only – no – strings – attached relationship turned out as just that? It always gets messy because we as people are not meant to be detached from the partner we share intimacies with, especially when you both start talking about your hopes and dreams with each other. The same proves true for Zeph and Sophia. But will they be able to overcome their differences; leave the hurt of the past behind and accept love?

Because this book was so short it was fast paced and I just flew through the pages. As it is contemporary, the author doesn’t have to do much world building and we can just dive into the story. I loved the sexual attraction between Zeph and Sophia; it was leaping of the pages. And yes, the adult sex scenes were amazing as well, like written porn and I got my fix – am pregnant and hormones are flying everywhere so this was definitely cathartic for me. If you love a good graphically described sex scene then this story will not do you wrong.

My favourite quote

Now if only her nipples and va-jay-jay would just get the notice, she could return to her night of drinking.

It has been so long since I heard the word va-jay-jay that it brought back wonderful memories of my last year of secondary school and sixth form. The most carefree time in my life to be honest. So I was pleasantly surprised and happy to relive those memories. What words take you back to your youth? Leave a comment.

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