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When I decided to read Sarah J. Maas novels because they are popular, I found some controversy surrounding the author. The same thing happened with Cassandra Clare, I am beginning to see this as a sign that I shouldn’t read old popular authors but I don’t want to be that pessimistic. I don’t know full details of the issue with Sarah J. Maas, I only know that it has to do with Israel and Palestine fighting. If you want to know more, I suggest you find out yourself.  I will review the story as I do any other but I will not make any recommendations.


The twist of a knife, the birth of a legend . . .

Celaena Sardothien owes her reputation to Arobynn Hamel. He gave her a home at the Assassin’s Guild and taught her the skills she needed to survive.

Arobynn’s enemies stretch far and wide – from Adarlan’s rooftops and its filthy dens, to remote islands and hostile deserts. Celaena is duty-bound to hunt them down. But behind her assignments lies a dark truth that will seal her fate – and cut her heart in two forever . . .

Rating: 3/5 stars

Pages: 435

Category: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Celaena is a sixteen year old assassin who has earned a name for herself at a young age as one of the best assassin in the kingdom of Adarlan with the help of her patron. Her patron is the King of assassins – Arobynn Hamel and he sent her to a pirate to conduct business on his behalf, but when she learns it is a slave business she sabotages the deal. This is the beginning of all her problems. She gets a serious beating from her patron and is sent to the Red Desert for further training.

Celaena seems like a spoiled girl, which she is and one of the assassins she meets in the Red Dessert tells her as much. She has very good skills but her ego is so big that it gets her into trouble a lot because she is very rash.

This story has so many troubling issues mentioned that it could cause the reader trauma. Adarlan’s king is ruthless and conquering all the neighbouring kingdoms, enslaving them. It sounds like an abysmal world where misfortune befalls both good and bad people. Celaena is very aware of the atrocities that could befall someone but she is just one girl, so she takes on the things she can and turns a blind eye to the rest for her own sanity.

The female protagonist’s name is called to many times for my liking; I mean how many times do we need to heat it – obnoxious much. Nothing goes well for her in this story, as soon as there is a ray of sunshine, something happens to snatch it away. After being broken at the end of this book, I would like to see how she picks herself back up. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because I felt like I was dumped half way in a story at the beginning, it didn’t feel like a prequel but the first book of a series. Hopefully the rest of the books in the series explain why the prequel is like this.  

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