Book Review: THE TAKEOVER by T.L. SWAN – Narrated by SEBASTIAN YORK and CJ BLOOM

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This is the second book in the Miles High Club series.


I first met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he was trying to take over my late husband’s company.

He was powerful, arrogant, and infuriatingly gorgeous, and I hated him with every cell in my body. In the shock of the century, he called me three days later and asked me on a date.

I would rather die than date a man like him—though I do have to admit it was good for the ego. Turning him down was the highlight of my year.

Six months later, he was the guest speaker at a conference I attended in France.

Still arrogant and infuriating—but this time, surprisingly charming and witty.

When he looked at me, I got butterflies.

But I can’t go there.

He’s just a player in a hot suit, and I’m just a widow with three unruly sons.

I just need this conference to be over.

Because everybody knows that Tristan Miles always gets what he wants…and what he wants is me.

Claire Anderson is a widow with three kids, she is struggling to raise her children and keep her late husband’s media company floating for her children. Tristan Miles is the head of acquisitions for Miles Media. He offers to buy Claire’s dying company but is rudely rebuffed. Tristan doesn’t mind because he is no longer interested in the company but in the woman running it. He doesn’t care that she is 4 years older and has kids, he just wants her.

Casual sex is not always casual sex, especially when you get along and laugh together. Tristan can’t get himself to be interested in any other woman, like the ones he used to be attracted to before Claire – great body, blond hair and younger than him. Claire has to wrestle with her new feelings for Tristan when she still misses her husband. She is not sure if she is ready for a relationship because she has to consider her children as well.

I gave this story 4 out of 5 stars. It has been years since I read a second chance romance and I loved how this one was portrayed. Tristan seemed very relaxed in the either books of the series but now we understand that he is very stubborn and doesn’t take no for an answer although he is very generous. I really enjoyed the story although it took me a long time to finish – by my own design because I am not really into audio books but I am pushing myself to enjoy this way of reading.

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