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I am back with another fairyloot subscription book review; this is the second book in this year’s August box. I loved the fact that there were two books in this box; it was just great to be introduced to another book I wouldn’t have picked up myself.


Car headlights. The last thing Ash hears is the snap of breaking glass as the windscreen hits her and breaks into a million pieces like stars. But she made it, she’s still here. Or is she?

This New Year’s Eve, Ash gets an invitation from the afterlife she can’t decline: to join a clan of fierce girl reapers who take the souls of the city’s dead to await their fate.

But Ash can’t forget her first love, Poppy, and she will do anything to see her again… even if it means they only get a few more days together. Dead or alive…

Publisher: Hodder

Rating: 3/5 stars

Pages: 385

Category: YA, romance, LGBT, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary

Trigger: different types of death

Ashana is a sixteen year old girl who is finding her way in life, with her British and Guyanese culture sometimes warring with each other in terms of her identity. She is looking for love because she wants to experience the same thing her heterosexual peers do. So when she meets Poppy, she can’t believe she has finally found the one who won’t treat her as an experiment or run when people start commenting that they are lesbians.

The first two hundred pages are about Ashana’s life when she was alive, so it was very mundane. We watch her fall in love like a normal teenager, learn about her identity, dream about her future a lot – get into trouble with her parents and so on. I loved it but I was begging the story to move along because I felt like the part she was alive went on for too long.

Ashana dies at sixteen before she has really lived her life and enjoyed the love life she has been waiting for and found finally with Poppy. The writing was very easy to follow and simple. It was very simple in the message it was getting across which was just about finding yourself and love.

The culture was awesome. I love diversity in my stories, thank you. It was a very slow start to the story as the author spent time character building, so the reader gets to really know and understand the characters.

My favourite quote

“Not everyone knows how to say I love you so learn to hear the different ways they tell you”

I really loved this quote because it is so true and it is a lesson to learn about reality, I always love when I can get a lesson from books. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t what I expected at all because I kept hoping for more but when I realised what the story was about, I still loved it.

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